Feed and Grow: Fish 2016

Feed your fish and watch them grow in this underwater action game for Windows 7

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Feed and Grow Fish is an action game that essentially turns your computer into an aquarium. It gives you a series of fish and asks you to care for and help those fish grow.

If you're a parent and have a child who really wants a pet, you can use this game to make sure they understand the responsibilities of owning a pet. Not only does it teach them how fish grow, but it can act as an ecology or a biology lesson too. Some parents may find that the game is a little too dark for small children though.

The darkest aspect of this game is that it acts you to feed your fish with other fish and wild animals. You pick the type of fish you want to play as the first time you load the game. It then asks that you wander around the water and find smaller fish that you attack and eat. As you eat, your fish will grow in size, which lets you target even larger fish. Becoming the biggest fish around is the primary goal of Feed and Grow Fish.

This is actually a pretty fun game because it includes so many different species. While you can play as an ordinary fish like those you might see in a home tank, you can also play as ancient species that existed for billions of years. The game tells you a little about each type of fish too, which helps you pick which one to use. Some fish are more aggressive and require more food, while others are a little tamer and eat less often.

One issue that you might have with Feed and Grow Fish is that it often feels repetitive. There are only so many times you can run around in a circle and eat another fish before you get bored. That's really all this game asks you to do though. No matter what fish you choose, you simply move through the virtual underwater environment and look for other fish. You have the chance to attack and eat fish to score points and make your own fish grow or to ignore those fish and keep moving.

To beat the boredom, you can start out with a larger fish. When you play as a smaller one, you need to eat even more fish to grow, which can feel quite boring after a few minutes. Though Feed and Grow Fish isn't the best game out there, it's a good choice for many, especially those who want to learn more about underwater marine life.


  • Works with Windows 7 and other operating systems
  • Features some bright and colorful fish
  • Includes action that recreates what really happens in an aquarium
  • Fairly easy to play
  • Can teach kids the basics of caring for real fish


  • Developers last updated the game in 2017
  • It can feel quite repetitive
  • Doesn't offer a lot of exciting adventures

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